Artist Mark van der Noord (1981) currently resides in Deventer  (The Netherlands) where he runs his studio CORKVILLE.

With his drawings, Corkville has given a new meaning to figurative speech. Where words have failed him at times, he has learned to reshape his writing.

Through carefully designed lines he has developed a very precise way to express emotion and feeling with his drawings. This skill has formed itself considerably over the past years, creating the possibility for him to transform these initial pen drawings to large murals and stage settings.

Social interests and the most diverse human emotions are the main recurring themes in his work.

Corkville's perception of life is infinite and this fascination has expressed itself in a multimedia approach to his work. Festival logos, murals, screen prints, photography and tattoo design have become well-known ways for Corkville to realize his work.



City Of Dreams  - Havenkwartier Deventer - 2011
Coffee Bru - Amsterdam - 2011
The Golden Years Are Over - Opperclaes Rotterdam - 2012
Brandmeesters - Haarlem - 2012


8Bahn, Berlin Underground - Redevice, Opperclaes, Studio Wonder, Sergeant Friendly, Love vs. Design, Studio Anti, F.A.L.L. Magazine, Burnside Skatestore, Hedof, Zenkone, Rawsome, Rambo Crew.

BFA Graphic Design, Willem de Kooning Academy – Rotterdam, The Netherlands -  2011
 Nominatie Deventer Aanmoedigingsprijs – Deventer – The Netherlands - 2013




Mark van der Noord

Mr. H.F. de Boerlaan 21151
7411 AH Deventer

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Mobile Phone:
+31 (0) 64 22 66 328